Il Fornaio’s philosophy is simple – we’re a young hospitality group that wants to bring wholesome and nutrient dense food to the neighbourhood. Community is a priority to us, so we source our produce from local Victorian farmers to support families and their faces behind the labels.

As part of an active and purposeful movement away from dairy and meat-heavy diets, Il Fornaio is forging a new path for the café evolution in Melbourne. Bread and pastries have been mastered using traditional French techniques with only plant based ingredients.

Our meat and dairy offering is free from growth promotes, hormones and antibiotics. Our chicken, pork and lamb is sourced from Bertie’s butcher who specialises in free range & organic products. Our chook egg’s are living the open range dream from a local company called ‘real eggs’.

“It’s important not to be absolute but provide people choices,” Roach says. “Not matter how small the change, it will likely be better than the current standard”.

For us it’s not just about eating less animal products, but also making more mindful food choices in general. This means minimally-processed, nutrient-dense vegetables, fruits, grains, and dairy. A chef’s and restaurants role needs to be to nourish not just to feed.

We hope you feel the good vibes in our food.