We take our coffee uber seriously but not ourselves. We pride ourselves on using quality beans by ST ALI who support local grassroots farmers across the globe. Our head barista and his verging squad rotate daily batch brews, and delicious single origins.

While it was once resourceful to use dairy products from our farms, today our reliance on animal products is not sustainable, nor is it necessary.
We at Il Fornaio are proud to have transitioned our bread and pastry offering to be completely plant based and dairy free.

Our bread and pastries have been mastered using traditional French techniques with only plant based ingredients. Under our roof, we bake the Banks range of pastries using their hand made coconut oil butter with cashews and macadamias.

You can also find Citizen Cacao’s divine vegan truffles in our display fridge, which Georgie rotates weekly for us. United by their drive to create a meaningful impact, Il Fornaio and Banks are changing the world, one conscious cruffin at a time.

(available until sold out)